Type:  Illustrations
Client: Flow
Medium:  Vector / Raster Images
Software:  Illustrator / Photoshop
Usage:  Website 

I was commissioned to make some illustrations for the flow.swiss, cool guys from the Swiss-based company that provides premium cloud services for various brands and companies.

They were looking for new aesthetics of the hero images for the forthcoming website, and they very much enjoyed the style of my previous series of conceptual images about Human genetic modifications.

As a result, we came up with six visual concepts, for each key section of the cloud solution that they provide for the clients.

February 2021

Type:  Illustrations
Client: Adobe
Medium:  Vector Images
Software:  Illustrator
Usage:  Educational Project 

I was contacted by Adobe, with a question about working with me as part of an ongoing educational series that let users explore and learn a few new skills.

They had in mind a pack of abstract illustrations referencing the distinctive style of my work, and make some simple vector images in Adobe Illustrator using the Freeform Gradient tool, along with a detailed explanation of the process and tips about designing with freeform gradients.

The asset images are free for download and explore along with the tutorial on the Adobe website: 


Type:  Digital Art
Medium:  Vector / Raster Images
Software:  Illustrator
Outputs:  4800x4800 px 

Genetically Tailored Humans — is a series of abstract visuals about the author's personal view on the future of genetic modification technology, and how it might affect tomorrow's humans.

“CRISPR Sequence” image has been featured in an article on Wired magazine.

Raster formats are available for personal and commercial licenses on Adobe Stock.