December 2015 - April 2017

Type:  Icons Collection
Medium:  Vector / Raster Icons
Software:  Illustrator
Outputs:  Various Size

The Futuro Icon collection is one of my favorite and most challenging projects, which I have been working on for more than 2 years, gradually refining the style of the collection as my icon design skills evolved.

The collection consists of a versatile library of 1,200 icons with expressive and unique metaphorical symbols that provide extensive possibilities for creative use in many directions.

I've developed a modular grid to create symbols, with a basic dimension of 64x64 pixels and a line thickness of 2 pixels. Vector scalability and the ability to control the thickness of the stroke gives a flexible range of options for applying icons and surely eases the workflow of any designer.

The collection awarded numerous times by Behance, and it’s also featured in a book by BNN Publications: Infographical Ilustrations and Icons.

To take a look at the full collection and purchase a license for your project, please, follow the link to Creative Market: