July — September 2022

Type:  Generative Tool
Medium:  Video Loops / Still Images
Software: Processing / Javascript
Outputs:  Up to 3840x2880 px

RITM Generator - Design tool for create abstract generative waveform graphics | Product Hunt

Link to the program:

RITM Generator is an interactive web-based program, designed to generate abstract waveform graphics that you can capture and save as animation loops and image stills directly from the generator.

The application runs on the 5PJS library and uses a Simplex-based noise algorithm to generate and animate the graphics.

The generator is free to use for personal and non-commercial projects. If you intend to use the program for commercial purposes, please send me an inquiry.

April — May 2022

Type:  Digital Art
Medium:  Raster Images
Software:  Photoshop / Illustrator
Outputs:  5000x5000 px

Bubble°Bauhaus is a personal art project where plain geometric forms of Bauhaus meet with highly popular Y2K aesthetics.

The era of the 2000s means a lot to me, because in 2001 I first discovered the magic of Photoshop while studying at the computer academy, knowing nothing about computer graphics and design in general.

Thanks to Photoshop I got into the world of art. 

February — April 2022

Type:  NFT Art / Non-Profit
Medium:  Vector / Raster Images
Software:  Custom Script / Analog Efex Pro
Outputs:  Various (3000 to 4500 px) 

Nowadays these colours of the Ukrainian flag are well-known to the whole world. Blue is the sky's colour, and yellow is the colour of ripe wheat.

We fight for freedom, for democratic values, which are important for the entire civilized world, and we pay an incredibly high price, which is getting higher and higher every day of the war.

The Colours of Freedom is a collection of artwork created specifically to support Ukrainian People in this challenging time.

All funds received from the sales of the collection are directly donated to the address from the official Twitter of Ukraine, to support civilians who suffered from the war actions.

You can check out the entire collection of artworks and make a donation via OpenSea:

December 2021 — January 2022

Type:  Generative Art
Medium:  Vector / Raster Images
Software:  Custom Script / Analog Efex Pro
Outputs:  Various (3000 to 6000 px) 

The main idea of this project is to demonstrate the advantages of a generative approach, which makes it easier for the artist to find diverse creative results in the process of creating art.

The images here were created using custom-designed software which relies on the interaction between artist and algorithm, using SVG elements created by the artist as base elements, while the algorithm generates the output using a range of different functions and methods.

The resulting SVG file image was processed through various filters using Analog Efex Pro to achieve a more dramatic effect.

Check out full collection of images on Behance:



Type:  Illustrations
Client: Flow
Medium:  Vector / Raster Images
Software:  Illustrator / Photoshop
Usage:  Website 

I was commissioned to make some illustrations for the flow.swiss, cool guys from the Swiss-based company that provides premium cloud services for various brands and companies.

They were looking for new aesthetics of the hero images for the forthcoming website, and they very much enjoyed the style of my previous series of conceptual images about Human genetic modifications.

As a result, we came up with six visual concepts, for each key section of the cloud solution that they provide for the clients.