BIOM is a free web tool built on p5.js to generate abstract animation and graphics stills using basic geometric shapes and color transitions, presented in the Swiss-style programmed poster format.

The tool was created purely for fun, driven by a desire to experiment with visualizing graphic in the form of customizable poster art created in a programming environment. Yet, apart from purely aesthetic pleasure, the program provides the feature to export the animation and graphics in high resolution and save the tool's settings for the poster and graphics as a preset in JSON format.

The program is available for use and experimentation for free under the Creative Commons license. 
If you intend to use the program for commercial purposes, kindly inform me.

The program is tailored for desktop/laptop usage with a minimum screen resolution of 800x600 pixels. Please keep in mind that usability and performance of the program heavily depends on the power of your processor. 

The code is hosted on, which means that the program’s loading speed might occasionally be slow, and there could be times when it is inaccessible due to maintenance.

If you encounter any difficulties while using the program, or if you’ve discovered a bug, please let me know.

The generator graphics were based on the sketch by Error404:

Also, the program utilizes a number of third-party tools, and I would like to extend my gratitude to the creators for allowing their use in this project:

  • The p5.js Creative Coding Library, a product of the collective efforts of an incredible team;
  • The Tweakpane interface library, ingeniously developed by Hiroki Kokubun;