RITM Generator is a user-friendly web-based program designed to produce various abstract waveform graphics utilizing a Simplex noise algorithm and generative-based color palette system.

With the tool, you can create high-quality animation loops and stills in seconds and capture them directly from the generator. Moreover, the program provides plenty of customization options and lets you save all the settings in an exportable file for future reference and revision.

The program was created with simplicity in mind, so I suggest you to browse through the presets integrated in the program and experiment with the settings.

I wrote an article on Medium with a detailed description, but it was written for an older version of the tool. Although the program's principle remains the same, there are many differences that you should take into account.

The program is available for use and experimentation for free under the Creative Commons license. If you intend to use the program for commercial purposes, please send me an inquiry.

The tool is optimized for Mac M series processors, and if you use other models (Intel / AMD) you may experience performance lags while using the program.

In case of program poor performance, I recommend trying a different browser - Chrome or Firefox, alternatively you can attempt to disable hardware acceleration in your browser settings.  

If you find any bugs, please let me know, ideally with the generator’s current settings ( it can be as a screenshot), as this can help to figure out the cause of the problem faster.

Have fun!

Just in case, I've left access to the old version of the program if you prefer the legacy version.