It's an interactive web-based tool, that utilizes 3D space and noise algorithms to generate various abstract graphics animations with the possibility to capture and save graphics as animation loops and image stills directly from the program.

The application runs on the 5PJS library and uses a Simplex-based noise algorithm to generate and animate the graphics.

I highly recommend using the Full Screen mode to work with the program. To activate it, select the Settings tab at the very top of the interface panel and click the Full Screen Mode button.

Currently, I didn't write a guide to use the program as it's quite a solid piece of work, but I hope to publish an article as soon as possible. So for now, I can recommend experimenting with the settings on your own, and to quickly get a feel for the program's capabilities, you can choose ready-made templates in the Presets section.
I thought to put the generator in the open access here to give anyone the opportunity to try its features.  So you can use it for free in personal and non-commercial projects. If you intend to use the program for commercial purposes, please send me an inquiry.

The program is optimized only for Chrome and will warn you about it when you run the program in another browser.

In addition, I do not recommend running the program on phones and tablets, as the tool renders visuals in real time and loads the processor quite heavily, so it can consume a lot of energy (depending on current tool settings). It's worth taking this into account if you run the program without a connection to the power grid. 

If you find any bugs, please let me know, ideally with the generator’s current settings ( it can be as a screenshot), as this can help to figure out the cause of the problem faster.

Also, I would be grateful for any ideas and suggestions you may have regarding the improvement of the program.
Huge respect to Daniel Shiffman and his channel The Coding Train, thanks to him I began to learn Processing and actually started developing my own programs.

And of course,  my sincere gratitude to all the contributors of the fantasic libraries. Without them I wouldn't have been able to run such a program on my own:

Hiroki Kokubun (tweakpane)
Jonas Wagner (simplex-noise)
W. "Mac" McMeans (aleaPRNG)
tapioca24 (p5.capture)
Manohar Vanga & Jeff Thompson (easing)