SKAAAN is a generative web tool that uses a slit-scanning technique to warp and distort images by dragging images with the mouse across the canvas during the scanning process, as well as using automated tools from the Animation section.

The basic process of using the tool:

1. Use the Upload button to upload the image you want to distort.

2. Use the Start/Stop Scan button or the Spacebar hotkey to start or pause the scanning process. During the scanning process, hold the mouse over the image and drag it around the screen to distort the image.

3. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can restart the process using the Restart Scan button or by pressing the R button on your keyboard.

4. The result can be saved as PNG image using the Download button or by using the D key as a hotkey.

I hope to write detailed instructions for using the tool later.

The program is available for use and experimentation for free under the Creative Commons license. If you intend to use the program for commercial purposes, please send me an inquiry.

The program is tailored for desktop usage with a minimum screen resolution of 800x600 pixels. It’s important to note that the tool has been optimized specifically for the Chrome browser, and its performance in other browsers may not be guaranteed.

Aside from having the Chrome browser with Javascript enabled, there are no additional computer requirements to run this program. The usability of the program heavily depends on the power of your processor.

The code is hosted on, which means that the program’s loading speed might occasionally be slow, and there could be times when it is inaccessible due to maintenance.

The tool accepts raster images in JPG, PNG, WEBP formats as source material, and it also support transparency. There are no restrictions on the size of the uploaded image.

If you encounter any difficulties while using the program, or if you’ve discovered a bug, please let me know.

This program utilizes a number of third-party tools, and I would like to extend my gratitude to the creators for allowing their use in this project:

  • The p5.js Creative Coding Library, a product of the collective efforts of an incredible team;
  • The Tweakpane interface library, ingeniously developed by Hiroki Kokubun;