It’s an interactive web-based program, designed to generate abstract waveform graphics that you can capture and save as animation loops and image stills directly from the generator. The application runs on the 5PJS library and uses a Simplex-based noise algorithm to generate and animate the graphics.

I would like to mention and express my enormous gratitude to the creators of fantastic libraries ( simplex-noise.js, p5.capture, HSLuv, alea.js, colorGradient ) which helped my program actually work.

I wrote a fairly thorough article on Medium describing the program's functionality with screenshots and brief comments from my side. I hope this helps to guide you through the workflow of the tool.

I thought to put the generator in the open access here to give anyone the opportunity to try its features.  So you can use it for free in personal and non-commercial projects. If you intend to use the program for commercial purposes, please send me an inquiry.

Please note that the generator is optimized for use in the Chrome browser, and I cannot guarantee its proper functionality in other browsers. I would not recommend using the program on the phone, as the interface is not optimized for small screens, and the program itself can actually drain the battery pretty quickly. Also, I host the code at Openprocessing and sometimes it takes a while for the program to load.

If you find any bugs, please let me know, ideally with the generator’s current settings ( it can be as a screenshot), as this can help to figure out the cause of the problem faster.

Also, I would be grateful for any ideas and suggestions you may have regarding the improvement of the generator.